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Our aim is to anticipate what the personal needs of expectant mothers might be and to ensure that they enter the birth in a positive, relaxed, happy and stress-free mood as much as possible.



Because every mother deserves to live a miracle like birth in the most perfect conditions!

We welcome expectant mothers and their spouses in our clinic to meet the midwife and birth supporter who will accompany the birth. In one-on-one meetings with our expert midwives and birth supporters, they can talk about every detail of the birth process and create a special birth plan for them.

Our aim is to anticipate what the personal needs of expectant mothers might be and to ensure that they enter the birth in a positive, relaxed, happy and stress-free mood as possible.

Throughout the interviews, all topics are determined according to the potential needs of mothers-to-be. We provide detailed information on topics such as healthy living, nutrition, baby room care, natural and epidural birth, cesarean section, breastfeeding, and first postnatal care.

Thus, they can have the best birthing experience of their lives by learning the opportunities offered by Jineart Clinic and our philosophy in detail and choosing the most suitable options for them.

To fulfill this mission, in our clinic;
While conducting high-level clinical practices, we support all women seeking gynecological services in a modern and safe environment with a respectful, compassionate and collaborative approach.
We communicate extraordinarily with our patients and colleagues.



Pregnancy follow-up is the evaluations made by a midwife or gynecologist and obstetrician who have received medical training in this regard, from the first weeks of pregnancy to the birth and even after birth, to measure the condition of the mother and baby. In our country, examinations are arranged once a month until the 28th week, every two weeks until the 36th week, and then every week until the birth, depending on the preference of the mother and if there is no complication during pregnancy. Thanks to these examinations, any problems that may occur from the beginning of pregnancy can be detected and the expectant mother and father can be directed on the subject.

Watch pregnancies in Turkey is carried out by doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. When expectant mothers want to follow the pregnancy process with a midwife, they cannot find many options. However, in developed regions such as Europe and America, midwives called “midwife” perform pregnancy follow-up, and the expectant mother is directed to an obstetrician when necessary. Considering that some expectant mothers want to follow up their pregnancies with the midwife, these demands can be answered more with the spread of this service in our country. In addition, pregnant women who wish can continue their pregnancy with the follow-up of both the doctor and the midwife. They can also get services such as determining the gender of the baby and detailed ultrasound from their doctors.

Thanks to childbirth preparation and postnatal training, expectant mothers and fathers can have a much more comfortable pregnancy and delivery process. In addition, complementary medical knowledge is applied to improve physical and psychological complaints (nausea, vomiting, depression, etc.) in the first trimester of pregnancy. In addition, pregnant massage service is also provided in line with the needs of the expectant mother.

In our special midwife guidance service at birth, the private midwife is with the mother from the beginning of the birth. It helps him by massaging his contractions, which are a natural part of the process, by supporting him to use his breath, by providing relaxation, by informing him about the process, by applying it according to other supportive and developing processes, by controlling his baby and the opening process, and by psychological support. This support continues after the birth until the baby begins to suck.

The trained midwife who can guide birth is the "birth guide". This support is what should be given by competent people who can follow the education, process, manage time, give the necessary psychological and physical support to the parents, even control the baby in the mother's womb, and provide the correct communication if there is a problem. The job description of the "midwifery" profession is duty.


Curiosity throughout your motherhood journey information about your actions, your baby's health before and during birth and much more You can contact us to get it.

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