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Turkey increase in the number of patients who are monitored private health insurance last year. One of the questions asked by many of our patients is that their Pregnancy Follow-up and births are not


Turkey increase in the number of patients who are monitored private health insurance last year. One of the questions asked by many of our patients is whether a doctor who does not have an insurance agreement can perform Pregnancy Follow-up and deliveries. If you have Private Health Insurance, you have the chance to be examined by any doctor of your choice. In other words, your Private Health Insurance offers you the chance to choose your doctor, with or without a contract. All expenses related to pregnancy before, during and after pregnancy; routine tests related to pregnancy, pregnancy tests, TORCH tests, routine controls, drugs used during pregnancy (folic acid, vitamin, iron, etc.), Obstetric Ultrasound, Amniocentesis, NST, Dual Screening Test, hyperemesis, preeclampsia, miscarriage, threat of miscarriage, Expenses related to medical abortion, puerperium and breastfeeding are covered by this policy coverage. All expenses subject to Pregnancy Follow-up coverage are covered within the coverage, limit, application and participation rate specified in your policy, regardless of whether they occur at contracted or non-contracted organizations. Inpatient and inpatient treatments are paid by the insured to non-contracted institutions and non-contracted doctors. The insured can claim back the service fee paid by the Insurance Company with the invoice and attached documents.

To fulfill this mission, in our clinic;

While conducting high-level clinical practices, we support all women seeking gynecological services in a modern and safe environment where there is a respect, compassion-based and collaborative approach.

We communicate extraordinarily with our patients and colleagues.



• Original invoices documenting health expenses
• Medical report and epicrisis documenting the treatment / surgery of the insured
• Results of examinations performed during treatment
• Surgery report in case of surgery
• Pathology report if piece is taken



• Compensation Request Form prepared by the treating doctor
• Original invoices documenting health expenses
• The reasoned request document written by the doctor for the examinations and the results of the examinations
• For the doctor examination expenses, the official invoice of the hospital or clinic written in the name or the official   self- employment receipt showing the name, surname and branch of the examining doctor and the tax office and account   number to which it is affiliated.
• Credit card slip for payments made by credit card
• Physician's prescription written on a name documenting the drugs used for drug expenditures and drug clippings   attached to the back of the prescription with their names visible.
• Birth report for maternity coverage, original of the invoice received from the hospital and written to name
• For more information on insurance plans, please consult your insurance agent or visit the institution's website.



A complete list of office procedures at Jineart Women's Health and those requiring day-to-day or hospitalization are given below.

Patients wishing to request an estimated cost of service at Jineart Women's Health can contact 4446458.



Be prepared to provide the following information about the patient in requests regarding billing:

Name and surname
Date of birth
Turkish Identity Number
E-mail address
Procedure Information
Procedure date (if planned)
The center where the procedure will take place



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