Welcome to JINEART

We take a careful, progressive approach to increasing the health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff and on-site care guiding every decision we make.

Welcome to JINEART


Welcome to Jineart!

Although there has been a lot of debate on it recently, Medical Science is perhaps the only branch of science that has focused on health and well-being during humanity. As Jineart, we think that whatever we see is human, from the tiniest particle we look at under the microscope to the vital organs we examine in state-of-the-art imaging devices.

We care about the slightly more enjoyable side of medicine that not only cures diseases, but also prevents disease and progresses with scientific bases that offer us the main formulas for a better, happier and healthier life.

For Jineart, every woman means a family. Not only do we know the secrets of female physiology, we also know the full power of the female body, its desire for renewal, its increasing fertility and its importance in the cycle of life. We devote ourselves to happy and healthy women with each and every unit, from our venue design to our team, from our training staff to our products.

We are here for all women who want to look at themselves with our own eyes, in the comfort of love, respect and trust!

Dr. Cengiz Sağıroğlu

Your Health Matters to Us!


Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jineart Women's Health is serving stronger than ever, applying a thoughtful and progressive approach to strengthen outpatient diagnosis and treatment. The health and safety of our patients, loved ones and employees continues to be our top priority as we move forward in this new normal.

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